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How to Find Your Broadcast Address

  Understanding what broadcast addresses are and what they are used for is very important for your network security.  In fact when you are building your network you need to make efforts to protect your broadcast address so that you can protect your network from being exploited. How could someone abuse a broadcast address? First you need to think about what the address is used for?  It is an IP address that when a packet is sent to it, the data that was sent is broadcast to everyone on the network.  Great, sounds like a useful tool for quickly checking what's on your network.  Fire off an ICMP and get feedback.   However like a hammer, where it's purpose is slamming nails into a board, you can also use the hammer to smash a car window. [5] Broadcast addresses can be used for recon, or better yet used for a reflection attack. Hypothetically think about a network where the broadcast address is not protected in any way.  If I can get every machine on the network to talk to me, the

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