Monday, 8 February 2021

How To: Find Random Machines in Specific Countries

On the internet there are packets flying everywhere.  Some from legit sources, and many many many many other sources maybe not so much.

ICMP packets are truly awesome.  I can reach out to a machine across the planet and know that it is there and that it is real.

The idea of being able to reach out and touch a machine across the planet is fascinating.  In a previous post I demonstrated how to find 100% random hosts on the internet LINK.  

What if we could modify this slightly to choose a particular country we want to connect with?

It is actually quite simple.

Check out the reference below [1].  This site provides us with networks allocated to particular countries.

Take a look at the ranges.  Some vary from 1 to the thousands!  Pick the network you want.

With hping3 we select the appropriate network and leave the final octet as "x".  

When we call "--rand-dest -I <your interface>" we are establishing that we want a random host from with in a specific network.

Since the specific network is allocated to a individual country the IP addresses that are returned belong to hosts from within that country.




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