Blocked Spammers STILL leaving Voicemails

Close to a year ago now I started security blogging.  A month ago I started my security tutorials on YouTube.  Since that time I have seen a dramatic uptick in spam calls.  I knew it would happen however it was getting to be a bit much [10 calls a day give or take a few].

Typically when I get random spammy phone calls I block them immediately.  However I was still getting voicemails from these numbers even after they were being blocked.  I guess my Android phone is not blocking?  

I did some digging and there is an additional step to take.  

Since changing a specific setting on my phone I have not been getting any annoying spam voicemails.

Below are images that will step you through the process of ensuring your Android device does not get voicemails from blocked phone numbers.

Image 1: Open up your phone app and tap on the three dots.

Image 2: In drop down select "Settings"

Image 3: Toggle "Caller ID and spam protection" to "on"

Image 4: If you want the additional protection select "Agree."  It is recommended that you read Terms of Service.

There you go.  The process is almost identical for iPhone.

Thanks I hope this helps!

Andrew Campbell


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